Yehoshua Lakner was a visionary composer, who created a unique oeuvre of instrumental works, as well as a pioneer of computer music. At an early point in time, he programmed one of the first microcomputers of the 20th century with algorithms that simultaneously created musical and visual aesthetic forms. He used his Audio-Visual Time-Structures (AVTSs) to compose unique multimedia works of art.

A holder of the title “Lakner Music Fellow” is intensively involved into Yehoshua
Lakner’s creative oeuvre, gathering inspiration from his visionary  compositions.

Fellowship is awarded for one calendar year with duties and rights. Performers, composers, and musicologists younger than 40 years of age are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to candidates from Israel, Switzerland, and Slovakia.


A Fellow is the ambassador of the Foundation and is engaged in the work of Yehoshua Lakner:

  • rehearses at least one work by Yehoshua Lakner and performs it more than once during the Fellow year or
  • composes a novel or in novel manner created work in the tradition of Yehoshua Lakner, which is premiered during the Fellow year or
  • publishes at least one article on the work or life of Yehoshua Lakner in professional journals or books or
  • integrates an AVTS-installation or selected AVTS-pictures as prints in an exhibition.

The Fellow provides the Board in the middle of the year an interim report and at the end of the year a final report about its activities.


A Fellow has the right 

  • to receive support for his/her project by the Foundation
  • to the announcement on the Foundation’s website
  • to hold the title of Fellow of the Yehoshua and Margrit Lakner Foundation
  • to receive an honorarium of CHF 6’000.- 


If you wish to apply for the Fellowship, please provide the following information:

  1. short curriculum vitae
  2. examples of previous work
  3. motivation for the application
  4. description of the intended activities during the Fellow year.

Please use our email address to contact the Foundation:


Applications for the following calendar year must be submitted not later than June 30th . 
The award will be announced by September 30th the year prior the fellowship. 

We look forward to receiving your application.


2023 Dr. phil. Michelle Ziegler, Musicologist, Basel, Switzerland
2024 David Tsehansky, pianist, Tel Aviv, Israel